Lexer is very much one of the young breed, inhis early twenties, he has not spent the past decade languishing in the house and techno academies having to listen to the nebulous dictates of good taste. His party started relatively recently and he soon realized that it would be a waste to box oneself into a corner. Four to the floor? Absolutely. Vocals? Why not. Piano? Always good. Trumpet? Yes. Strings? Goes without saying. Guitar? Oh yes, guitar.

He does his own thing, free of dogma, resistant to stereotyping. He bridges the gap between club and pop, underlining his open-minded, intuitive approach to music, remarkably skilled at such a young age.

He grew up in Bad Lausick, a small town not far from Leipzig. There isn’t much to see there, apart from the spa district. So he soon moved on to the city, where he still lives today.

Leipzig has always been a decent stamping ground for electronic music and Berlin is within easy reach. Lexer’s booking agency is based in the capital, inundated with requests over the past couple of years, catalyzing Lexer to the status of zealous club tourist (for all the right reasons). Anyone who has had the pleasure to hear and see a Lexer set in the flesh is sure to have found himself or herself amidst a crowd of smiling faces and ecstatic dancers. He takes them by the hand, communicating with them through his music, effortlessly infusing them with a warm and happy glow. Joining the dots between new and old in his own inimitable way. Things took off two years ago with an edit he made of the Band Of Horses track “Funeral”. Edits and remixes of songs from atypical genres are integral to his DJ sets. At the end of the day, the only distinction that matters is the one between good and bad, music which moves you and music which doesn’t.
What better format to gather all these golden threads together than an album? One which tells Lexer’s story, taking the listener on a journey.