Hosman is the moniker of Stijn Hosman, a youngster currently residing in Tilburg, a small city in the South of Holland. Hosman means deep moody music that tries to capture a certain atmosphere for the crowd to experience. Creating warm emotive layers of sound combined with ever-changing driving rhythms, he tries to take people on a deep journey while keeping their feet moving. Hosman is inspired by moods of electronica, techno and ambient while constantly maintaining his own characteristic sound. Currently studying Modern Music Production at the Rock Academy, Hosman is trying to develop his skills further and grow as an artist. Hosman has released his Palmieri EP on the emerging underground label Lucid Recordings last summer. The beginning of 2012 sees a brand new release on the Lucid label called Crystalizer. Besides this there are more exciting projects coming up, constantly trying to push minds forward and breaking down genre barriers.
To find out about who I am, stop reading, listen to my music.